Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Work in February

Pieces donated to the Haiti Fundraising Effort organised by
Frank Cunha III - Architect & Visual Artist

I first contacted Frank on the website Flickr.  I loved his strong imagery and interesting themes.  He also appeared to appreciate my work and often left encouraging, complimentary comments on it.
 On reading his profile I discovered that Frank was not only a prolific and exciting photographer; he was also a successful architect.  This fact intrigued me as I have always been interested in structures, architecture and design.  It is something I would have loved to have been educated in and something I hold in high esteem.  I enjoy sharing art with Frank on and feel honoured to have him as one of my avid supporters.
I have now moved onto Twitter and have Frank as one of my followers, which again, I am grateful for.  His work inspires me.  His ability to take the most wonderful photographs, be it of his lovely family or architectual structures has been an enjoyable inspiration for me since joining Flickr.
When Frank asked artists to donate work for the heartbreaking "Haiti" disaster cause, I was determined and delighted to offer several pieces to him.
I write this testimonial to Frank because I feel some people deserve a mention for being just a bit "special".
Please visit his Flickr photostream and experience stunning imagery and glorious photography for yourselves.
PO Box 335, Hamburg, New Jersey, 07419, United States

One of my favourite subjects to create my art are the faces of my children who hold my heart forever.

This collage of Cain shows him looking over his shoulder and to me, asks a million questions.  He has a very expressive face and here he offers mystery as he peers out of the image.

His dark almond eyes are prominent and capture the viewers` attention perfectly, without giving anything away emotionally.

The picture at the bottom of the image reveals itself as the one above it hides and appears more guarded and obscured.  The eyes appear to take on a different meaning all together as his face is almost hidden behind the face in the forefront.  The colours and depth of the image match perfectly and produce a picture of silent questions.

The eyes have it in this image!

Times Square, New York is the foreground image in this colourful mixed media collaboration of art effects on a photograph my eldest son took whilst holidaying in America.  A familiar background works brilliantly alongside photographs of my son and his band.

On closer inspection, my son and his band appear several times in the image making it more personal to us and giving it more of a poster feel.

A gorgeous photograph of my daughter on her special day, standing alongside her younger brother as she prepares to take her vows.  This image shows happiness and celebration. 
New work experimenting with different techniques. What fun!