Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy 2010 !

A blank canvas
an idea in mind - a chandeleir
watercolours awaiting their destination

Brush dipped in paint
cold water to mix, to dilute

At last the brush kisses the canvas
gently stroking
 smoothly gliding
leaving its colourful residue
performing its creative dance
on the canvas

The canvas lives
celebrates its new adornment
parades flambouyantly
the chosen colours of the artist.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Let it Snow!

We have many walkways and alleyways in my locality, which have been transformed by the onset of snow.  Usually green with foliage, they now look completely different with "Fairytale" surreality.
This week, a week before Christmas Day, we had snow!  Along with the white stuff came a heavy cold for me which meant I couldnt enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  We did venture out to the local shops and I had the hindsight to bring my camera.  Because we dont often have snow, I wanted to have an all year reminder.  It is beautiful, clean and refreshing the way it coats the area.  Trees, bushes and  hedgerows are all decorated and covered with a dense white blanket of snow making the scene look  festive.

I had it in mind to produce a surreal image of a child at play on a piece of equipment not familiar with a winter scene.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the background image in the photograph, I was unable to work with the overall image in the way I would have liked.  I had to crop the picture and I felt this impeded too much on the picture I wanted to portray.  I wanted the  picture to be about snow, but with an inappropriate background this was not possible.  We all learn, and hopefully improve by our mistakes.
With the sun in front of me, I took this picture of my son facing away from the camera.  In hindsight I would have preferred to have taken a few more shots from different angles as I wanted to capture the winter sun shining through the trees.  I also would have liked to have used a wider perspective and been further back, so that Cain appeared to be on the horizon as opposed to being up close.  I failed to capture the magnitude and whiteness of the snow between him and me, perhaps focusing too much on the glint of the sun.  None-the-less, I am happy with the resulting image.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

All things bright and beautiful !

My favourite style of art
All these images have been produced from one source; a canvas painting I did in watercolours.  I enjoy the flexibility and limitless access each source gives me when producing mixed media art.  The focus, for me, as always is the mixing, joining together and collaboration of a colour palette that allows me to produce an artistic creation in a vivid and aesthetically pleasing perfusion of colour.
I dislike stereotypical ideas and recognise that my art demonstrates this to a certain degree.  I am, and always have been a non-conformist and endeavour to display my individuality through my art.
"All things bright and beautiful
all creatures great and small,
all things wise and wonderful,
the Lord God made them all.
Each little flower that opens,
each little bird that sings,
he made their glowing colours,
he made their tiny wings".

Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Razzle Zazzle Store       My Zazzle Shop

This is a slideshow from my Zazzle shop.  The store is an outlet for my designs on various items such as gifts, posters, prints, aprons, mugs, shoes, cards, greetings cards, tee shirts and many other items. 

Please pop into my store and enjoy seeing my art being utilized and celebrated in a variety of ways.  Imagine wearing a tee shirt embellished with a fantastic, unique Jsj Creations design. 

The goods/gifts are of the very best quality and the transactions simple to manage.  To view my store in its entirety please use the link

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Etsy Store

I am in the process of stocking my new Etsy Shop.  Please drop by and have a browse or even a buy!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Colours in Abstract

Some new prints to add to my mixed media collection. 
Prints can be bought online from my new store on Please pay a visit to see how a blank or bland wall can be transformed into a vibrant colourifik focus to any room.  Prints sold in my etsy shop come in larger sizes (41cm x 61cm) in gloss or matt finish.

With the festive season nearing imagine giving one of these beautiful prints as a totally unique gift.  A gift to last a lifetime - a truly unusual and stunningly original Jsjcreations print.  Show your loved ones how much you love them and want the very best for them and their surroundings. 

Monday, 9 November 2009


My girls!
I hope I have managed to capture the emotional serenity in this picture.  Both sisters gaze lovingly at the new addition to our family.
 One the mother, the other the auntie - each one lost in their own thoughts and feelings towards little Eden Rose.
 Tenderness flowing in abundance as they peer down at her as she sleeps softly in her mother`s arms.
 One holding her head, the other cradling Eden in her arms; two sisters united in the miracle of birth.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fuschia Flavoured
Photo Adaptations to order
New York Collage
7"x5" - £2.00 Poster Prints

12"x12" - £27.00 Framed - Silver 10"x8" - £30.00
16"x12" - £30.00
18"x12" - £35.00
20"x16" - £42.00 Framed - Wood
10"x8" - £25.00
20"x16" - £35.00
30"x20" - £55.00
A2 - £35.00
8"x6" - £6.00
Canvas - 40cm x 30cm Matt Finish - £60.00
10"x8" £10.00
 60cm x 40cm - £100.00
A4 - £15.00
110cm x 47cm - £150.00
12"x10" £25.00
 70cm x 70cm - £120.00
I have used Flickr for some time to exhibit my art and to receive critique and opinions from other artists.
Languid Leaves
Stripes for unique gifts using my art.

I plan to add several images on my blog to show how diverse my images are and to wet your appetite for mixed media art. The link for my Flickr photostream can be seen below. Please click on it and enjoy!

All the images on this blog can be viewed on my flickr page
If you have a huge appetite for colour you wont be disappointed or left wanting. The colours I use to complete my designs are vibrant and scream for attention. They jostle for position in the image, fighting against other colours present, trying to outdo their opponents. Life would be extremely dull without colour and I feel the same could be said about art in all its genres. A picture without colour is akin to a human without a heart.
All images are available in various print/poster sizes. My contact address is or
I am willing to consider commissions or variations on a theme from previous work for your own requirements. Anything is possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Fuschia Bird
More work can also be seen on with prices and more information regarding prints/canvasses etc.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Me and Trevor

We purchased Trevor for my son as a fifth birthday treat.  When choosing between the four available kittens on offer, I purposely looked for the one most like it`s mother as the mother was one of the most beautiful grey, short-haired tabbies I had ever seen.  She was small and of slim build, a confident, friendly cat that showed no hostility to us as strangers in her home, even though she was still being an active mother to her lovely little kittens.  Trevor, as he was to be named, appeared confidently inquisitive and happy to be handled by myself and my daughter.  We hadn`t taken my son because we wanted his new pet to be a complete surprise for him on his birthday.  The timings were right, and we were fortunate enough to be able to collect him on the actual day of my son`s birthday. 

Trevor has lived up to all expectations we had of him as a wonderful family pet.  He is loving, playful and home-loving.  His purr is the most demonstrative of his love for us and he uses it often to remind us.  He is now seven years old and a firmly committed member of our family.

One of Trevor`s favourite places to rest is on either my son or myself as we sit on the sofa.  It doesn`t matter what we may be doing, be it typing on the laptop, playing on a console, anything....if he wants to lie on us, then that is exactly what he will do.  This pic shows him lying on my chest as I lay on the sofa watching TV.  He climbs up as close as he can get to my face and slumbers.....

......Purring all the while!

Trevor can sometimes be a little feisty!  My son can vouch for that as he has occasionally been at the brunt of one of his attacks.  This usually happens when his requests have gone unheard or he is just in a grumpy cat mood! Either way, I have to remove him from the room as my son is a little nervous of what Trevor is capable of doing.  Trev has never turned on me so I tend to suspect a little rough play prior to my presence.  Needless to say, my son vehemently denies this!

Trev can sleep for hours!

When Little Man Hadley joined the family well-meaning friends and family said "He`ll get eaten alive by Trevor!" or "Trevor will kill the poor puppy"!  Luckily, for Hadley, neither has happened and the two pets live in toleration of each other.  They will never be best buddies and occasionally have the odd *stand-off*, but overall I am confident that neither has the wish to inflict any serious injury on each other - yet!  Hadley knows Trevor is in charge and on the whole respects that.  Although occasionally he gets a bit over excited and pokes his fluffy nose where it shouldn't be and receives a well-placed swipe from a paw full of claws! Ouch!
Recently, Trevor had to be taken to the vet as he had acquired two abscesses on his tail due to fighting.  There are a lot of cats in the vicinity and this is not the first time I have had to take him to be nursed back to health by the vet.  I took this photo as he sat timidly in the surgery pleading with his eyes to be taken home.  It was all a little traumatic for him but he was a brave soldier and did not bite the vet!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

These images were sourced from some original artwork I designed for my soon-to-be delivered grand-daughter Eden.
I painted four canvasses, each with a different letter spelling her name.  I then adorned the canvasses with pretty girlie things like glitter and butterflies.  The artwork is now hung on the nursery wall awaiting her arrival.
I use my own art or photographs as a source for my mixed media artwork which means I have the rights over all the images produced.  It also means I do not have to be concerned about upsetting another artist by putting my own interpretation on their work.
If you are interested in buying prints of my artwork please contact me on or view my website for prices. 
More of my artwork can be viewed on - all images are available for sale in a huge variety of sizes and formats.
If it`s colour you love you can`t do better or wilder than the artworld of Jsj Creations.  I can also be contacted on or emailed at

Monday, 19 October 2009

Colour Our World with Love and Happiness


Big Ben as never seen before in a perfectly purple perspective!
One of the most exciting things about photo manipulation is being able to add striking and vibrant colourisations to photographs.  This photograph I took of the great London Eye tourist attraction has to be one of my favourite ever photos.  I was absolutely delighted to have captured it in all its splendour.

"A structure of magnificence and undeniable splendour
gracefully and silently dominating the London sky
with its grandeur and elevation;
Its circular movements perpetually governing
the capital`s skyline,
its fluidity of motion as smooth
as cascading tulip petals
falling softly to the ground;
automated and robust, a ferris wheel like no other
imitated by many,
emanating and provoking thoughts
and reactions of wonderment and joy"

For more examples of "London Eye" please see:

Both London photos can be purchased by contacting me on
Many sizes available.

  • Developed and printed on top quality photographic paper.

  • In matt or gloss finish.

  • Poster size available.

    •  ...................................................................................................................................................

      My youngest daughter`s wedding was a wonderful and emotional occasion for myself and my family.  She was marrying her Mr Wright and we couldn`t be happier for her.  The wedding took place in The Marriot County Hall, London last year.  The day was beautiful, as was my beloved daughter, and both will be eternally cherished.

      Tuesday, 13 October 2009

      My Family, My World
      This blog entry is a selfish one because it has given me much pleasure working with photographs of my nearest and dearest.
      This first photo is of the hotel that my daughter stayed in with her new hubby on their honeymoon.
      I think the hand-in-hand image symbolises and emphasises the true meaning of the overall image.

      A combination of two photographs created this amazing image of my youngest son.  Both photographs are two of my favourite shots and combining the two makes this image extra special to me.

      Tuesday, 6 October 2009


      There is something about stripes!

      Is it because in a world of imperfections, stripes seldom are imperfect
      If they are distorted in any way - they are no longer stripes
      When naming the prints in my "Stripes" Collection, I look at the finished image and use the first word that comes into my head.
      I love the simplicity and serenity of stripes. 
      Why not choose some prints from this collection of wonderfully abstract stripes - stripes that could never be repeated or emulated.