Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gorgeous Blooms

Those of you who are familiar with my art blog will be aware of my love of flowers.  I adore them!  With this years` climate fluctuations, there have been few opportunities for me to get out there and take pictures.  Last week, however, I was able to and am sharing this years` crop with you all now.

From these pink delicate flowers to the vibrant red and orange of these unusual blooms.....each flower is a beauty to behold.  I never tire of seeing them and wanting to enhance their beauty through the medium of photography,.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fun and Funky!

Since the demise of Picnik, I have searched for a similar site to use when using creative techniques on my artwork.  Alas, as yet, I have been unable to find anything as artistically inspiring.  My heart sank when I first learned of Picnik closing.  I used it often and it became a trusted tool for me as a mixed media artist.

Stumbling across a few other sites, I have toyed with different effects and designs, some of which I have included here.  I am reasonably pleased with the results on these latest designs, but miss my old friend Picnik.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Waiting for Summer

This place of natural beauty appears forlorn as it waits to be awakened by the sounds of children frolicking in its` shallow waters.  The rope and attached branch hang lifelessly in anticipation of eager youngsters tempting their fate as they swing excitedly from the sturdy tree from which it hangs.
Disinterested cows silently feast on the lush grass of a neighbouring field.

The still clear waters lie quietly as they prepare for the onslaught of tiny feet from children and their pets eager to savour their freshness and vitality on a hot summers` day, leaving their footprints amidst the once tranquil stream.
Children will paddle and stride gingerly through its` waters as the sun beats deliciously on their bare backs, knowing they are safe in natures` bosom.

The bridge with its secrets hidden under shallow waters and unknown history, stands majestically, with its covering of ivy and wonders what scenes it will witness this summer.  Will anyone be brave enough to seek its secrets under the arch or will it remain a place for ducks alone to venture inside?