Thursday, 26 January 2012

*A Structure of magnificence and undeniable splendour
with its grandeur and elevations*

Face of blue and heart of stone? Who knows?  But these eyes have haunted me from the moment I created them!  Telling nothing and yet saying so much! Only the viewer can answer and question the force behind the picture.  One of my all time favourites, I never tire of tweaking and creating more questions behind the eyes.

I loved creating this image!  A simple photograph taken of an apple, as it leant against my bag on the desk next to me, hastily taken, whilst colleagues looked at me in a concerned and incomprehensible way.
Haa! They think I am mad! But look what I produced! 
Intuitively, I knew the picture was there to be taken and transformed into something quite special......and here it is!
The background has no baring on the foreground whatsoever, but somehow the imagery works. Maybe it`s the colours.......who knows?  But I love it, and hope you do too.

Floral Doodlings
More art can be seen at:

Two of my favourite activities combined: drawing flowers and doodling!  Occasionally, I digress and draw something else that linked to inspiring!
There are many opportunities in my employment when I can scribble away, doodling to my heart`s content. 
This latest addition to my blog has been accumulated over a long period of time and when, last week, I was having a clear out of paperwork in the office, I found it impossible to throw these etchings away.  Carefully, I cut each one out of the notepad and slipped them into an envelope, not really knowing what I would do with them, but sure I would find creative illumination in time.

Vibrantly gorgeous!!
Love, love, love the dark background emphasising the
beauty and daintiness of my swirls and twirls............

The mirrored effect on this image is striking and yet somehow soft.  A bright, airy picture that speaks of fun and and song. 

Promoting fun, sun and wistfulness to be enjoyed for it`s dreamy, reflective fineness of texture and fragility.

Almost nostalgic in it`s mood, the softness of this piece
emphasises it`s beauty perfectly.  Muted colours jostling for
supremacy yet not one overshadowing the other.
The daintiness of the flowers depict a sense of peace, enjoyment and contentment in a bustling world where few stop to take breath.
These two are the fun boys in the collection......
Loud and lustful.........demanding attention!!

Loving the art of collage, I felt excited about the conceptual insight and prospect of creating beautiful collages using the delicate designs I had randomly doodled many months before.   I feel confident that these doodles can be used for many other projects in future and look forward to working with them.

 An Oriental flavour to this one, I think.  Not quite sure why or indeed how, but that`s the feeling I get from it. 

I love it when a creative plan takes shape and surprises me by it beauty.  This was definitely the case whilst working with this dark heart design.  A simple doodle, colour subtracted and enveloped in a heart shape has made this particular design one of my favourites of this collection.  The magnified, obscured background allows the heart to appear set out from the background, yet nestled comfortably within the confines of the softly muted frame.
Working on commissions the last few months has made it difficult to produce some of my favourite genres in art and working with these doodles has inspired me and lifted my creative soul.  I hope those who view them will also feel uplifted and motivated as indeed, I am.

 When I discovered this wall layering effect, I was so excited and inspired to work with it on this collection.  The effect is akin to graffiti, something that has always fascinated me, and gave me a great rush of excitement to be able to play around with something so artistically raw and yet stunning in it`s presence. 

I chose the cold blankness of the breeze-block wall to emphasis the softness and delicacy of the curves and  swirls in my designs.  In my eyes it gives an almost anachronistic detailing to the image.

The darker bricks on the image below also give a totally different vibe to the original picture.  I might just have to buy this one myself.  I think it shows so much depth and interest.  It excites me!
I love how the delicacy of the flowers sit incredibly easily on the rough, cold backdrop.....a crumbling red brick wall transformed.  The opaque background allows the pretty shapes and colours to blend beautifully within it and yet adds significant intensity to draw the eye closer into the image. The overal coldness of the picture is somewhat softened by the use of muted colours in the flowers and floral images within it.............. I can`t wait to have this on my wall!

This picture sums up my opinion on natures` finest exactly!! What a fun project!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Magazine Fun

Have discovered a site that uploads your photos and turns them into magazine covers....what fun!  I think they look fab and have had a little creative fun with them. Unfortunately the site does appear to have some live-in gremlins and does not always do what I ask it to do, so have spent a few frustrated sessions trying to upload photos that will just not upload! Pah!  I am however delighted with the ones that performed to my instructions and thought I would put them in my blog as a bit of light entertainment....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Commissions 2011

To order personalised canvasses please contact me on or

I will be adding more finished and sold commissions to this blog as a guide and example of this project of work.
Obviously, all work undertaken will be subject to your specifications and requirements.  Just give me a theme and let me work my magic!

For information on sizes and prices please contact me on the above email addresses.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.............x