Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mother Nature!
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Nature at its Most Beautiful
As we took the two dogs for their walk this Saturday afternoon, I was totally blown away at the pure beauty of the landscape.  Mother Nature wore her coat of many colours with splendour and flamboyance!  The natural colours were breathtaking.  I felt enveloped in a painting of great beauty and greedily snapped away with my eager camera, determined not to miss such a spectacular and inspiring scene that lay before me like a beautifully crafted patchwork.

I was totally and utterly inspired and desperately wanted to replicate the view I had enjoyed earlier, so took out my paints and painted fluently and eagerly with a singing heart.  I first used pastels on the paper and then added watercolours to achieve a richness of colour and depth. 

The fields were rich with colour and vibrancy, each picture I took excited me and made me want to take more and more!  The naturally constructed footpaths made by frequent walkers added to the perspective of the landscape.  I loved it and wanted to run along it.  It was truly a magical place to share with my loved ones.

Poppies in abundance created a vibrant and striking crimson carpet stretching effortlessly across the landscape.  What a truly wonderful sight!

Swanning Around on a Sunny Afternoon

Breeds of these *mute swans* can be seen across most of the UK, and we are fortunate enough to have some resident in our locality. With their *S* shaped necks reaching towards the sky they are majestic and yet silently serene.  Possible to see anywhere there is a shallow lake, or a slow-flowing rivers, even in urban areas and parks, they make their homes and snack on water plants, insects and snails whilst living on our lakes and blessing us with their beauty.

Beautiful Boating

On the same lake, sail boats glide silently across shimmering silver waters, sails straight and tall as the sailors master their crafts.  Ripples on the cool water emanating from the small boats, spread hypnotically outward until they fade forever and merge with the still waters of the lake.