Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall -

Will I ever look in the mirror
 and like what I see?
not just the person I`ve turned out to be
I can`t see the youthfulness, fun and desire
the passion
the hope
the love
and the fire!

Where has the spark gone that burned deep within?
The trust and the faithfulness,
the striving to win
The need to be greater
triumphant and strong
Where has it all gone?

Sad eyes ask  questions
but nothing is told
I fear I am past it - just getting old!
With nothing to show
apart from my rhyme
a lifetime
 of weakness
wasted time!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Work in Progress - Mirror Decoupage

Summer Project

Still lots to do, but at last it is taking shape.

A mirror which I am painstakingly decorating with the help of my eleven year old son.

So far we have used various paper, tissue paper, fabric, cotton wool and other embellishments .  I plan to add more fabric to produce and create different textures in the design.

The mirror was originally blue in colour as some of these pictures show. My aim is to cover it completely using various paper and material resources.