Saturday, 19 May 2012

Topical Art and New Stuff

2012 - Topical Art

How cool is this?
I haven`t updated this blog for a while, those who know me, will know the reason - head space not allowing much creativity, but am beginning to get back into it again, so hope to be able to upload some new pieces more regularly.
One of my favourite art/mixed media sites closed down recently, much to my consternation - couldn't`t believe it, to be honest, but I have found a fairly good alternative and hope to produce more striking artwork to share with my blog viewers and art lovers.

I have discovered *fish eye* and absolutely love it!

How gorgeous are the colours and tones in this *Rapeseed* picture?  I must admit it is an old watercolour original of mine, revamped.....but how amazing is its` transformation?  I named it *Rapeseed* as the yellow colour is synonymous with the brightness of rapeseed fields near my home.  I am forever enchanted and bewitched at their natural beauty and am delighted to have been able to work with this particular colour palette.  The warmth from the picture feeds my soul with peace and tranquillity in this harsh and callous world.

Those familiar with this art blog will perhaps have seen this apple picture before.  Look closer and you will notice marked differences to the original piece.  The most obvious is the colour change, very cleverly now settling comfortably on a variety of muted blues with the focal point being a vibrant red, glossy apple. 

The origin of this image is somewhat amusing to me.  I had grabbed the apple out of the fruit bowl as I hurriedly left for work one morning.  Polishing it on my top before putting it into my bag, it didn`t seem any different to the apples left behind.

Once at work, I took it out of my work bag, polished it again, and placed it on the desk next to me as I readied myself for lunch.  At some point I glanced over at it as it sat waiting for its` execution by mouth, and saw it leaning against my bag next to me.

*Wow*, I thought, what a magnificent picture that would make and quickly retrieved my iphone from my jacket pocket.  There was something that struck a chord with my creative eye that told me this was most definitely one of those *not to be missed photo opportunities*. And Boy - was I right!  I knew as I clicked away taking several shots of my subjects that the image would be stunning - and I was right.  It has turned out to be one of my favourite *life form* images.  I didn`t even have to orchestrate the was already there.  I hope you like it as much as I do.