Friday, 18 September 2009


If you look hard enough you will see a famous London tourist attraction hidden in a sphere of warm colour and projecting light. The clue is in the title.

A structure of magnificence and undeniable splendour
gracefully and silently dominating the London sky
with its grandeur and elevation;
Its circular movements perpetually governing
the Capital`s skyline,
Its fluidity of motion as smooth as
a cascade of tulip petals
falling softly to the ground;
Automated and robust, a ferris wheel like no other
imitated by many;
emanating and provoking thoughts
and reactions of wonderment and joy.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Body Beautiful

Las Vegas - September 2009 was the venue for this years` Mr Olympia.

This project has been a real challenge for me mainly because of the constraints and boundaries imposed by my collaborator and target audience. Those familiar with my work will recognise my need for vivid colour and extreme colour combinations and elaborations.
In this project I have found myself struggling sometimes to focus on the core of the required image and not necessarily attempt to achieve the
overall artisitic projectory that I naturally strive for. There have been times when I have felt the need to "water down" my creative pallete and that has not come easy to me.
I have however, enjoyed this project and the challenges it brings to my creativity, stretching my abilities as an artist, calling for constraints and steering me into artistic areas I would otherwise not have ventured into. Art and creativity is about learning different things and learning to familiarise yourself with alien attributes and visually diverse methods of achieving images to not only satisfy others but to be proud of yourself. Education is a wonderful thing and I hope to continue to improve and flourish in the never-ending flavours I have tentatively tasted in this latest project.
Original photographs taken in Las Vegas.

Photo manipulation project for new scheme of work. The body beautiful enhanced and manipulated using technology and my own artwork as a source of inspiration.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Photo Manipulation with People as Subjects

Both Cain and Devon have a look of "attitude" in this photograph. Although they appear to be posing each of their faces indicates more than just the usual posed photo of children playing in the park. The looks to camera give more meaning to the image especially when coupled with the ambiguous title of the print.

Although Cain is looking at the camera in this shot, it is apparent by his expression that the picture was not staged. This is due partially by the fact that he is looking over his shoulder. I felt the picture captured a wonderful moment of innocence and natural beauty.

Friday, 4 September 2009


When I first viewed this photograph I knew it was stunning.  I had spent ages in the back garden, clicking away on my digital camera, waiting for "The One".  Trevor was a difficult subject as he was so mobile, also his movements were very jerky and amazingly quick, making most pictures appear blurry - not the look I hoped for.  My camera has a slow shutter speed making it even harder to capture a clean photo.  I am not a professional photographer, so don`t have the knowledge or equipment used to produce perfect shots.  But by being patient and trying to stay calm, I was delighted to catch Trev in all his feline beauty.  My son stood just out of shot holding up some blades of grass to tempt Trevor and finally satisfy me.  It look quite a long time, but was so worth it!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

From present to future

I painted this abstract watercolour on canvas as a present for my daughter. I wanted to incorporate all the things she enjoyed in her life and that were synonymous with her as a person. The closer you look, the more you find - all pieces developing into a true picture of my wonderful daughter Jemma.
Choosing the colours carefully, the most obvious image is the pink "J".
The other images all have meaning for her and we were both pleased with the resulting canvas that now hangs in pride of place in her bedroom.

I have tried to show how easy it is to source other art ideas by focusing
on sections of the original picture. As an abstract artist I enjoy this
practice very much and use it often in my collections. It is
both inspiring and interesting to be able to re-invent another
piece of work from an original.

Like a surreal image of the original, each piece takes on a life of it`s own.

Some images deserve further treatment and can easily become the focal point of another piece of art. With the use of mixed media, the picture takes on a completely different perspective, telling a different story altogether; drawing the eye to any part of the original picture you, as the artist, choose.

With a little imagination, a whole new conceptual piece of
contemporary artwork can be produced to great effect. Never
afraid to
use colour in my work, the technologically enhanced and
extensive colour
and effects palettes available when creating mixed media
art, both
excites and
inspires my creativity.