Tuesday, 8 February 2011



It`s February, a month of cold miserable weather bringing with it dark days and nasty illnesses.  So I hope these serene beach pictures help to lighten your mood with a reminder of how beautiful, calm and peaceful our world can be.  In just a few months time the skies will once again become blue, grass return to  luscious grass and thoughts of hopefullness and inspiration once again enter our minds.
The beach scene was produced by using chalks on white paper.   The subsequent mixed media images have actually reversed the original piece in that the people where originally standing in the water looking towards the boat on the left of the picture.  The background was the beach.  In the process of using paint effects the picture was transformed and took on a completely different perspective.  On recognising this I added the semi-circular hoops as I thought they gave the impression of depicting an oyster shell and loved the new dimension the resulting image acquired.  

After stripping the original picture of colour, I later injected the colour red/yellow in the place where I thought it would add drama the most.  The resulting image takes on a more sinister feel in a darkened world but could also be interpreted as a picture of hope with the splash of colour depicting safety or refuge.  The boat could also be largely instrumental in the story of the picture.  Are the two figures stranded?  Could the boat be used to rescue them?  Maybe the colour indicates an explosion from which the figures have escaped?  Did they row away from the danger area and are now looking out across the water knowing they will never be able to return home as their homeland has been destroyed by some form of devastating attack?  Only we as viewers, have the answers.
This final image is closest to the original.  A beautiful blue rippling sea bouncing an empty rowing boat on its stillness.  Two figures look out across the magnificent expanse of water as they paddle nonchalantly in the warm clear water.  The sandy beaches in the background have been somewhat compromised by rounding off the picture but hopefully the feeling and atmosphere of the overall picture has not been spoilt in any way.
The message on this image is self-explanatory.  I sent it to a friend for her birthday and also to wish her a wonderful trip abroad.