Wednesday, 2 September 2009

From present to future

I painted this abstract watercolour on canvas as a present for my daughter. I wanted to incorporate all the things she enjoyed in her life and that were synonymous with her as a person. The closer you look, the more you find - all pieces developing into a true picture of my wonderful daughter Jemma.
Choosing the colours carefully, the most obvious image is the pink "J".
The other images all have meaning for her and we were both pleased with the resulting canvas that now hangs in pride of place in her bedroom.

I have tried to show how easy it is to source other art ideas by focusing
on sections of the original picture. As an abstract artist I enjoy this
practice very much and use it often in my collections. It is
both inspiring and interesting to be able to re-invent another
piece of work from an original.

Like a surreal image of the original, each piece takes on a life of it`s own.

Some images deserve further treatment and can easily become the focal point of another piece of art. With the use of mixed media, the picture takes on a completely different perspective, telling a different story altogether; drawing the eye to any part of the original picture you, as the artist, choose.

With a little imagination, a whole new conceptual piece of
contemporary artwork can be produced to great effect. Never
afraid to
use colour in my work, the technologically enhanced and
extensive colour
and effects palettes available when creating mixed media
art, both
excites and
inspires my creativity.

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