Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year Creations

Two images created on New Years Eve.  Each one stunning, each one poignantly abstract.

I guess I could have named the top image *Infinity* as the pattern goes on and on and on!  There is something intriguing about having your eye drawn into the middle of an image.  It makes you wonder if there is something there that the eye will never see, or maybe the picture stops where it began?  Hmm.....very intriguing and just a little mystifying!
Sometimes it`s fun to steer the viewers` eye and mind in a direction you would like them to follow.  I suppose in retrospect, it could limit the image`s appeal somewhat, but there are some images that give me such a strong sense of what I want them to say and mean to the viewer, I feel they can only be enhanced by adding text to drive home the true intentional meaning of the image.
I see the darkness of the above image symbolising a cave-like dwelling and with the introduction of the deep red colour, something rather sinister.  The way the eye is led into the bottom right corner where the repeated pattern appears to end is in huge contrast to the smaller text.  An enigmatic image, indeed! 

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