Thursday, 26 January 2012

*A Structure of magnificence and undeniable splendour
with its grandeur and elevations*

Face of blue and heart of stone? Who knows?  But these eyes have haunted me from the moment I created them!  Telling nothing and yet saying so much! Only the viewer can answer and question the force behind the picture.  One of my all time favourites, I never tire of tweaking and creating more questions behind the eyes.

I loved creating this image!  A simple photograph taken of an apple, as it leant against my bag on the desk next to me, hastily taken, whilst colleagues looked at me in a concerned and incomprehensible way.
Haa! They think I am mad! But look what I produced! 
Intuitively, I knew the picture was there to be taken and transformed into something quite special......and here it is!
The background has no baring on the foreground whatsoever, but somehow the imagery works. Maybe it`s the colours.......who knows?  But I love it, and hope you do too.

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