Friday, 1 March 2013


I called this piece *Contortion*
Working with my usual vibrant pallete, I loved how the warm colours merged together and finally developed into this strong abstract vision.  Using the vivid orange as my foundation for the overall piece, I gradually added complimentary colours, balancing them as I went along.  Trying to avoid making the face the focal point, I was pleased how the whole structure of the imagery combines comfortably alongside the abstract use of shapes and contrasting colours and yet doesn`t lose it`s way and get distracted by the powerful facial expression.  I specifically chose not to centralize on the strong features and obvious pout. 
I felt I had achieved this with the first image, but when I started working on the second image the focal point became somewhat determined and I found myself fine-tuning the one thing I had tried to avoid......the face!

I guess I should really have called this piece *Oxymoron* instead of *Contortion of Tears*...........  For the very first time I have realised how apt the word is when describing some of my art, especially my abstract art.  Until tonight I had never really thought about it. 
By comparing the images, I have come to the conclusion that the first image emanates warmth, contentedness and happiness, and the second image is one of sadness. 
At first glance, one may assume this is because of the added tears....... and I concede that, up to a point.  But, as the artist, I feel the use of colours and muted areas depict deep thoughts and emotions and the shapes and tears portray pain and hurt. 
By using the pinks  the image becomes feminised and in doing so has made it become vulnerable. 


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