Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Art of Football

2010 is another World Cup Football year - a perfect reason and stimulus to create an art collection to commemorate a wonderful international competition. Colourful strips will be worn by many teams representing their country in the beautiful game.  
Stadiums will be an array of colour, producing a magical spectrum; a spectacular cocophony of activity,  noise and skill.  One cannot imagine a football game without the importance of colour.  Colour is used to depict and demonstrate a supporters` choice of team.  It is also used to distinguish authority on and off the pitch.  Each team of match officials will wear the same choice of one colour so that others can recognise them.  Gone are the days when they all wear black.  Goalies appear in many different colours too, no longer forced to wear one specific colour.  Football kits are as effervescent as the skills the players that wear them  perform in front of  roaring, cheering crowds.
I have always loved the game of football and am delighted my youngest son shares my enjoyment of the game.  I drew a set of pictures for his bedroom walls and decided not to colour them in specific team colours in case he changed his allegience to a different team, as so many youngsters tend to do.
After photographing the pencilled drawings, I had the original prints enlarged and then framed.  They are an attractive alternative to magazine photographs and will last a considerably longer time.

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