Thursday, 3 June 2010

Colours Collection

I am fortunate enough to have several pieces by the great artist Kandinsky in my home.  Each time I look at them, I am inspired.  Such simplistic geometrical shapes, yet when you look deeper into the picture there is so much more to see.  I find myself asking why he put that there and what significance it had in that position. 
I love the colour combinations he uses and study the fluidity of the pieces he creates so beautifully.
Kandinsky pieces both intrigue and inspire me.  I find their energy and vitality fascinating and decided to paint something in the artist`s style.

I wonder if he had an idea in his head of the finished picture before painting or whether he drew an initial shape and allowed the image to create itself......

and was there any significance in the shapes themselves - were they synonymous or representational  of anything or just random shapes?

A Kandinsky inspired painting on canvas has provided this colourful print.  I was looking towards using geometric shapes, straight lines and boxes to produce an abstract image.

I then added my trademark leaves which I thought worked well with the overall impression I wanted to achieve.

Lastly I incorporated text to give a modern and diverse dimension to the overall image.

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