Friday, 14 January 2011

Flickr Update

The flickr website was one of the first art websites to which I subscribed.  I adore it and still get inspired and motivated by the thousands of pieces of art therein.
I have been invited to exhibit across the globe, but sadly have not been able to accept any invitations as yet, due to financial constraints.  One day I hope to be able to take up exciting chances to have my art displayed in an even bigger arena, although to be fair, the internet is a massive source of opportunity and motivation.  I truly hope it continues to be so as I flourish and revel in the knowledge that so many people across the world enjoy looking at my artwork. 
Producing art in itself is a creative performance and what is a performance without an audience?  We all need to feel that what we achieve is acknowledged and worthwhile, otherwise what would be the point?  To be content and satisfied with the results of one`s creative labours is one thing but to be recognised and appreciated is another thing entirely.  Creating or performing for oneself would never be enough for the any type of artist.  Michaelangelo did not  paint his masterpieces for himself alone, Miro and Kandinsky likewise. 
 Applause, applause, applause!! The artist`s bread and water; the blood running through their veins!

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