Friday, 28 January 2011

January 2011

I love the depths of this design.  I also love the vitality of the red.  One can`t help but be drawn deeply into the image by the pattern and arrangement of the egg-like shapes.   

I never seem to be able to dedicate much time for my blogs. My fingers, most definitely are in way too many pies!`s a new-look art blog and hopefully more inspired artwork to fill it and make it interesting and inspiring to others who happen to click on to it.  You may have heard of the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" - sometimes I feel this relates to me as I do so much artistically.  That`s fine up to a point, but I would dearly like to be a master of something too!

I love the colour contrasts in "Cakes".  On closer scrutiny, the reason for the title becomes more obvious, as there are indeed cupcakes in abundance. 
This photograph is one of my favourites of my youngest son.  I love his apparent moodiness and his dark, expressive olive-shaped eyes.  His long dark hair framing his face enhance his smoulderingly gorgeous look perfectly.
This abstract image is one of my latest to-date.  I like to think it depicts colour breaking through and transforming a world of darkness.  Maybe that says a lot about my philosophy on life and how I view it.  A life without colour would not be a life at all.  Colour energizes, transforms and motivates; something we all need in our lives to make us feel fulfilled, balanced and complete. 

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