Thursday, 25 August 2011


London has taken a battering of late......

Let us remember how beautiful our capital city is........

BBC News: 8th August 2011

"Police have condemned a wave of "copycat criminal activity" across London in a second night of looting and disorder following riots in Tottenham.
More than 100 people have been arrested as officers were attacked, police vehicles damaged and shops looted.
Disorder spread to Enfield, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest in north London and to Brixton in the south of the city.
Home Secretary Teresa May has cut short her holiday to return to the UK following the disorder.
Some 35 officers have been injured over the two nights of rioting.
Three officers were hurt when a vehicle hit them as they tried to make an arrest in Waltham Forest, east London.
Clashes broke out in Enfield, north London, on Sunday evening where shop windows were smashed and a police car damaged."

Man throws a missile during rioting in Enfield

I saw the rioting in Tottenham on Saturday and I saw the rioting last night and it was certainly different in character.

What might have been started in Tottenham by youngsters aggrieved about what they saw as police persecution has become something very different in nature.

Last night there was a sense that the looting, and violence and disorder across London was being co-ordinated on social media.

There were people in their cars, youngsters on bicycles, moving very rapidly, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. As soon as you moved to one location they would move on to the next one.

The police were doing their best to catch up with them. You had police vehicles going backwards and forwards, blue lights flashing, riot police coming out of their vehicles.

Ten minutes later they'd get back in again and go off to the next location - essentially trying to fight the fires, metaphorically, that were spreading all over London.

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