Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Touch of Magic and a little Imagination

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The past few weeks I have been working extensively on a new collection of photo manipulations.  On sharing them online I have also gained commissions and positive feedback, of which I am eternally grateful.  I decided to add them to my blog as a demonstration and exhibition of what can be done to portrait photographs when given the JsJ Creations creative magic.

If interested in discussing or commissioning a portrait photo manipulation, I can be contacted on the email address at the top of this post. 
The more outrageous the pose the better when putting across an original photograph that everyone will enjoy seeing.  Fun, sparkly, dazzling portraits will make your friends and family want one for themselves............. 

Fancy adding a touch of attitude? Why not?...........

A clear photograph, preferrably with strong lines and features is all I need to turn a portrait photo into a work of beauty and intrigue.........

Original photographs do not have to be close-up portraits but distant images may not deliver the most stunning subjects on which to work the JsJ Creations magic.

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