Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Me and Trevor

We purchased Trevor for my son as a fifth birthday treat.  When choosing between the four available kittens on offer, I purposely looked for the one most like it`s mother as the mother was one of the most beautiful grey, short-haired tabbies I had ever seen.  She was small and of slim build, a confident, friendly cat that showed no hostility to us as strangers in her home, even though she was still being an active mother to her lovely little kittens.  Trevor, as he was to be named, appeared confidently inquisitive and happy to be handled by myself and my daughter.  We hadn`t taken my son because we wanted his new pet to be a complete surprise for him on his birthday.  The timings were right, and we were fortunate enough to be able to collect him on the actual day of my son`s birthday. 

Trevor has lived up to all expectations we had of him as a wonderful family pet.  He is loving, playful and home-loving.  His purr is the most demonstrative of his love for us and he uses it often to remind us.  He is now seven years old and a firmly committed member of our family.

One of Trevor`s favourite places to rest is on either my son or myself as we sit on the sofa.  It doesn`t matter what we may be doing, be it typing on the laptop, playing on a console, anything....if he wants to lie on us, then that is exactly what he will do.  This pic shows him lying on my chest as I lay on the sofa watching TV.  He climbs up as close as he can get to my face and slumbers.....

......Purring all the while!

Trevor can sometimes be a little feisty!  My son can vouch for that as he has occasionally been at the brunt of one of his attacks.  This usually happens when his requests have gone unheard or he is just in a grumpy cat mood! Either way, I have to remove him from the room as my son is a little nervous of what Trevor is capable of doing.  Trev has never turned on me so I tend to suspect a little rough play prior to my presence.  Needless to say, my son vehemently denies this!

Trev can sleep for hours!

When Little Man Hadley joined the family well-meaning friends and family said "He`ll get eaten alive by Trevor!" or "Trevor will kill the poor puppy"!  Luckily, for Hadley, neither has happened and the two pets live in toleration of each other.  They will never be best buddies and occasionally have the odd *stand-off*, but overall I am confident that neither has the wish to inflict any serious injury on each other - yet!  Hadley knows Trevor is in charge and on the whole respects that.  Although occasionally he gets a bit over excited and pokes his fluffy nose where it shouldn't be and receives a well-placed swipe from a paw full of claws! Ouch!
Recently, Trevor had to be taken to the vet as he had acquired two abscesses on his tail due to fighting.  There are a lot of cats in the vicinity and this is not the first time I have had to take him to be nursed back to health by the vet.  I took this photo as he sat timidly in the surgery pleading with his eyes to be taken home.  It was all a little traumatic for him but he was a brave soldier and did not bite the vet!

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