Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fuschia Flavoured
Photo Adaptations to order
New York Collage
7"x5" - £2.00 Poster Prints

12"x12" - £27.00 Framed - Silver 10"x8" - £30.00
16"x12" - £30.00
18"x12" - £35.00
20"x16" - £42.00 Framed - Wood
10"x8" - £25.00
20"x16" - £35.00
30"x20" - £55.00
A2 - £35.00
8"x6" - £6.00
Canvas - 40cm x 30cm Matt Finish - £60.00
10"x8" £10.00
 60cm x 40cm - £100.00
A4 - £15.00
110cm x 47cm - £150.00
12"x10" £25.00
 70cm x 70cm - £120.00
I have used Flickr for some time to exhibit my art and to receive critique and opinions from other artists.
Languid Leaves
Stripes for unique gifts using my art.

I plan to add several images on my blog to show how diverse my images are and to wet your appetite for mixed media art. The link for my Flickr photostream can be seen below. Please click on it and enjoy!

All the images on this blog can be viewed on my flickr page
If you have a huge appetite for colour you wont be disappointed or left wanting. The colours I use to complete my designs are vibrant and scream for attention. They jostle for position in the image, fighting against other colours present, trying to outdo their opponents. Life would be extremely dull without colour and I feel the same could be said about art in all its genres. A picture without colour is akin to a human without a heart.
All images are available in various print/poster sizes. My contact address is or
I am willing to consider commissions or variations on a theme from previous work for your own requirements. Anything is possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Fuschia Bird
More work can also be seen on with prices and more information regarding prints/canvasses etc.

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