Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Abstract World

January 2010

This is my first abstract work of 2010.  Each one has been sourced from my own photographs and art.  I am hoping to produce stunning art as colourful and dynamic as it can possibly be in this year and many years to follow.

The first image incorporates a collage using photographs of my son and a photograph taken of the wintry weather we have been experiencing here in United Kingdom. 
The second image incorporates a collage of mixed media art and two separate photographs.  The text Reflection runs along the centre of the image in bold lettering.  I have also added the word "shine" to the picture as an indication of what I intended the image and overall vision to depict and emphasise. 

"Bleeding Hearts" - This image reminds me of one of my favourite flowers. The colour combination of red and green contribute to the overall suggestion of freshness with a hint of fire.

"Cascading Colour" - Using different colours, I have achieved a softer look on the same image. Yellow being the most prominent colour gives a completely different feel to the resulting image.

"Black Leaves" - The source for this image is the same as with "Cascading Colour" and "Bleeding Hearts".
The image was sourced from an original "enchanted garden" mural I have designed and painted on my bedroom walls. The mural, which covers three walls, has been a great source for many pieces of art I have produced.

"Cain" - I originally sketched a picture of my youngest son. I then took a picture of it with my digital camera and downloaded it onto my laptop. I was then able to work some tech magic to produce this wonderful mixed media abstract image.

"Colour Infusion" - Originated using the same source as "Cain". Using mixed media, the finished image is strikingly different. The soft collaboration of pink and purple are challenged by the onset of the black.
Although I try not to use too many recognised colour combinations, the marrying of certain colours can not always be avoided when striving to reach aesthetically pleasing images.

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