Saturday, 29 August 2009

Summertime by the stream.

A few days ago my son and I spent a lovely afternoon by a local stream. It was pleasantly warm with a light, cooling breeze and I was pleased to have taken my camera along with us.

Out of shot, children played noisily in the trickle of water, excitedly enjoying splashing in the clear stream water.

Some children had brought along a tiny dinghy and joyfully floated and bobbled along in the shallow water amid screams of delight.  Mothers sat on nearby patches of grass chatting to friends, whilst keeping an eye on their playful children.

In an adjoining field cows munched lazily on trampled green grass, only occasionally raising their heads to see where the noise was coming from, then nonchalantly returning to their natural feast.
My son and his friends happily waded in the cool water dangling and sweeping their nets in the hope of catching some fish. Many tiny stones and small pieces of grit were lifted excitedly out of the sparkling water as their hopes were raised, only to be discarded back into the stream once the contents were discovered.

A peaceful paradise hidden behind hedgerows for children and parents to form and create enchanting memories of a warm summers day.

It was an idyllic setting for an afternoon of summer freedom and frivolity for the children. A glorious time was had by all. 

Memories were made for children to remember forever.

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