Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mixed Media Collages

An early piece of mine.  Original source....a small section of a wall mural I painted on my bedroom wall many moons ago.  I adore tulips! 
Ideally I would have liked to have been able to turn one or two of the flowers to be facing a different direction.  Sadly, I was unable to do so, but I am pleased with the finished imagery nonetheless.  A vision in bubblegum pink accentuated by vibrant red and lime green.  Who would have thought it would look so good!

A visual diversion from what may be considered to be my usual style of artwork.  This piece is called Abyss, which I think fits it rather well.  Striking in its geometrical shapes, I wanted to make it atmospheric and dark, not disturbing.  So many connotations can be made by my choice of colours but I think they give a good interpretation of what I hoped to achieve when working on the design.  I do not see it as a doom picture, and purposely added the text in order to soften the impact of the imagery........I hope it works.

Doodles collage.
I love the cleaness and crispness this image portrays due to the chosen colour pallete.  It would look incredible on any wall and deserves to be developed to its biggest proportions in order to fully show off its delicacies.
Family Collage is about my family.  It incorporates the names of my children.  Each name has its own place and geometric shape.

Cat Collage - This collage is centred around my cat Trevor.

Lovely Lillies!                                                 
  Lovely lillies straining upwards to catch the sun greeted me as I visited a friend one summer afternoon.  Pure white in colour they looked supreme and superior.  Although not fragile they appear delicate and soft to the touch.  Their beauty is beyond compare. 

Wild and Wonderful - Bright and Bold!

I called this collage "Rainbow Collage" because the colours remind me of a rainbow emanating from the fuschia in the middle of the image.

Mixed media collages, in my mind, constitute incorporating different images alongside each other to form an attractive picture with no imbalance of colour or subject.  Although it may seem obvious to choose two similar pictures to combine, I like pushing the boundaries by choosing completely differing subjects that would not usually be seen together.  Variation in colour and composition combined can produce a striking effect in the overall vibrancy of the resulting image, as long as there is a common thread running through the collage, which is usually taken from a pallette of four or five colours.  When looking for a focus to work with on a collage, I want something to stimulate me, something to use as a foundation for the image I want to produce.  Sometimes I use a photograph, other times I use my art that I have previously photographed.  Each section must have an obvious focal point that will draw the viewers` eye into the picture.  This will act as a stimulus and I can then work on creating fluency throughout the composition.

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