Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Snow Returns

The snow fairies have achieved their magic again and transformed our locality into a winter wonderland once again this year.  Not only does this mean more time off work for me, it also means I get the opportunity to take "Narniaesque" pictures which I adore.I love the way the snow settles on branches and gives a naturally artistic perspective and shadowing effect to everything.  Each branch is singled out with a dusting of snow
The usually busy roundabout stands deserted in its frosty snow-covered state.

No escape for the statuesque elm trees, as their usual sway was somewhat hindered by a heavy coating of the white stuff. 
As still as statues, the birds perched stock-still up in the branches

 of these snow-covered trees.

We dont get much snow here in the United Kindom so when we do I love to photograph its beauty.  I love the feel and sound of fresh snow under my feet as I walk.  Its freshness and purity in colour is a beautiful sight and one I try hard to capture with my camera.  I love using trees in my art.  I often draw, paint and photograph them.  I am intrigued by their natural shape and composure. 

When I spotted these five birds high up in the snow-covered trees near my home, I just had to take a photograph of the scene. I couldnt believe how comfortable the birds appeared to be on such a cold day as they perched on the frozen branches. I found the image surreal and amazingly attractive and peaceful.

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