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Mixed Media - Family

*Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed.
There is an important distinction between "mixed-media" artworks and "multimedia art". Mixed media tends to refer to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media. For example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called a "mixed media" work - but not a work of "multimedia art." The term multimedia art implies a broader scope than mixed media, combining visual art with non-visual elements (such as recorded sound, for example) or with elements of the other arts (such as literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity).
When creating a painted or photographed work using mixed media it is important to choose the layers carefully and allow enough drying time between the layers to ensure the final work will have integrity. If many different media are used it is equally important to choose a sturdy foundation upon which the different layers are imposed.
A phrase sometimes used in relationship to mixed media is, "Fat over lean." In other words: "don't start with oil paints. Plan to make them the final layer."
Many effects can be achieved by using mixed media. Found objects can be used in conjunction with traditional artist media, such as paints and graphite, to express a meaning in the everyday life. In this manner, many different elements of art become more flexible than with traditional artist media.

 These photographs of my youngest daughter Jemma are gorgeous.  Her dark eyes along with her dark hair contrast perfectly with the manipulated colours added to the image.  I love working with this medium and creating exciting and unexpected images.  Photo manipulation certainly has the *WOW* factor and is often commented on.  It certainly helps to work on a subject or person that you are close to, but can also be used effectively on many other subjects. 

Mixed Media - Mixed Race - My Family!

A popart image of my eldest daughter was a pleasure to work on.  Her pouting works wonderfully in producing a pose synonomous with this depiction of art. 

I love the contrasts in this picture of my son playing the drums.  His energy first attracted me; the look on his face screaming passion and determination. His love of music is for all to see!  His musical idol is Michael Jackson so I superimposed the image behind him to give the vision more depth.  I then remembered a picture of Charley looking down and thought that might balance the picture beautifully, and so it did.  It took a lot of  *faffing* to get the look I wanted, but I think I achieved it.  It is now one of my favourite compositions of my son at work and  play. (He is a professional musician)
Music speaks volumes and I loved working with both genres of artistry and turning it into yet another art form.
My eldest son Charley, doing what he does best!

My eldest Joanna, doing what she does best. Posing! 
A girl on a mission!
My daughter Jemma has always loved to shop.  And where better than New York?  She loved every single minute of it!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! 

The latest addition to this family blog is a stunning picture of my son Cain and his beautiful neice Eden Rose.  They are both beautifully photogenic and make me feel blessed to have them as my family.  My son is just eleven and Eden is seven months old.  Cain`s adoring look in the photograph clearly shows through the lens of the camera as Eden Rose gently reaches for him with her tiny fingers.  Both subjects are relaxed and totally submerged in their feelings towards each other.  I considered adding text to the image, then realised no words were necessary in this vision of true love and devotion.

The pictures in this collection all feature members of my family.  I will be adding more in due course.

My son Cain. The most photogenically pleasing subject I never tire of working with.  God has blessed me with beautiful children so this part of my blog is a little self indulgent.  However, I hope viewers to my blog enjoy viewing my artwork whatever the subject. I appreciate seeing other artists` personal and family photographic artwork and hope others feel the same about mine.

Digital collage is the technique of using computer tools in collage creation to encourage chance associations of disparate visual elements and the subsequent transformation of the visual results through the use of electronic media. It is commonly used in the creation of digital art

A collage (From the French: coller, to glue, is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.
 The origins of collage can be traced back hundreds of years, but this technique made a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as an art form of novelty.
The term collage derives from the French "colle" meaning "glue". This term was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art.

The eyes are the window to the soul!

I love the cheekiness of this photograph!  My son and my grand-daughter are the ultimate photography models.....must come from experience!

Abstract art sourced from an original mixed media print.  This early piece was dedicated to my family.  I added the names of my four children as I composed the image.  On close inspection of the print the names can be seen in various parts of the image.  Super-imposed images of my youngest son were added at a later time to complete the overall abstract art print.

Multimedia artists are contemporary artists who use a wide range of media to communicate their art. Multimedia art includes, by definition, more than one medium, therefore multimedia artists use visual art in combination with sound art, moving images and other media. The art can take the form of installation art, found objects presented in an artistic form, or kinetic sculpture, among others

My eldest daughter Joanna is also extremely photographic and has used this fact to her advantage as a model and dancer.  She is very expressive and has the most wonderful green eyes and a beautifully shaped mouth.  I love working with her image as I find her look enchanting and stunning.

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